“The new physics gave us a new world view.

The new anthropology can help to bring about the breakthrough of a new understanding of humanity. KINA’s mission is to contribute to this achievement.”

 – Christina Kessler

Christina Kessler studied and earned her doctorate at the LMU Munich, Germany.

Since her time at university she has been engaged in the search for the essence of the world’s spiritual traditions.

Her discovery: All traditions revolve around the human orientation towards an implicate order of the cosmos or nature – around the “principle of life:” This orientation guarantees us a constructive relationship both to ourselves and to the world and ensures that nature and culture are consistently restored into harmony with each other.

The principle of life follows a specific structure, a structure of processes and relationships, based on self-regulation and growth, for which Kessler coined the term Universal Process (UP). The UP is not only a cosmic principle of regulation, but a leitmotif and compass for life-promoting, i.e. healthy processes of all kinds – by its very nature universal and therefore universally applicable.

12 years of exchange with the physicist Hans-Peter Dürr revealed fundamental similarities between the approaches of the two thinkers. In recognition and continuation of this cooperation, KINA is dedicated to interdisciplinary and intercultural dialog.

“The point is to expand our understanding of humankind in relation to the world. I believe that the era of institutionalized religions is over. Today, humanity’s intellectual, spiritual and cultural heritage can – and should – be approached in a new way in anthropology, free of obsolete accretions and misinterpretations”

 – Christina Kessler