Student Project HAW

Student Project HAW2018-11-09T16:45:41+02:00

Semester project in the Department of Human Resources of the HAW Würzburg-Schweinfurt together with KINA

Applying the UP in Economics

“Development of tools for shaping the current transformation in personnel management“

The project provides an opportunity for interdisciplinary cooperation between anthropology and economics.

It is being realized in cooperation with KINA by a group of students from the human resources department of the Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences (HAW) under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christine Wegerich.

The project focuses on a survey of selected companies and organizations whose corporate culture is not only oriented towards economic success, but also towards sustainability, respectful cooperation and solution-oriented crisis management – and whose economic and social success is based on this orientation.

The evaluation of the conducted interviews will provide important information on optimal strategies and tools with regard to cooperation, communication and crisis management. In this context the concept of “Universal Process” according to Dr. Christina Kessler is applied to economic and social areas.


from left: l. Justin Graw, Celina Braun, Marie Lechner, Ann-Kathrin Wehrfritz, Michaela Kolb, Marc Kühweg, Marvin Fiedler, Sara Ludwig