New Anthropology

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“If you were to ask me what is humanity’s most typical feature, I’d say: its gift for culture.

Human beings are creative beings, we are able to create reality from out of our own intelligence. But we are also creatures of nature.

If we term what produces the cosmos and consequently humans ‘nature’, and what humans produce ‘culture,’ we quickly realize that we as humans are summoned to co-creativity. The Human Challenge – more than ever before, we’re being compelled to face this challenge if we don’t want to saw off the branch we’re sitting on.”

 – Christina Kessler

Anthropology is the science of humanity.

All the peoples of the earth have been studied by now. For anthropology, a new era is beginning with a new task: to evaluate and apply humanity’s treasury of knowledge relating to its presence in the world. It is in this context that we speak of New Anthropology and Applied Anthropology.

Of central interest here are so-called cultural universals, universal insights from all continents and epochs. Because cultural universals not only provide essential insights into the human condition; they also offer a system for navigating the field of tension between nature and culture, global orientation…